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2009 Municipal Election
Election results were last updated November 3, 2009 at 11:21 PM
13 of 13 Precincts Reporting (100.00 %)
School Board
County Races
Judge of the Court of Common Pleas  -  2 elected3672 total votes
Shawn Meyers - DR1879 votes51.17%
Angela Rosenberry Krom - DR1785 votes48.61%
Write In - O8 votes.22%

Prothonotary, Register, Recorder, Clerk of Courts  -  1 elected2892 total votes
Patty Suders Fix - R1981 votes68.50%
Brandon L. Fletcher - D909 votes31.43%
Write In - O2 votes.07%

Jury Commissioner  -  2 elected2733 total votes
Glenn Ford - R1371 votes50.16%
Doretta K. Mellott - D1360 votes49.76%
Write In - O2 votes.07%

Judge of the Court of Common Pleas - Retention  -  1 elected2268 total votes
Carol L. Van Horn - YES - O1899 votes83.73%
Carol L. Van Horn - NO - O369 votes16.27%
Write In - O0 votes.00%

State Races
Justice of the Supreme Court  -  1 elected2543 total votes
Joan Orie Melvin - R1780 votes70.00%
Jack Panella - D759 votes29.85%
Write In - O4 votes.16%

Judge of the Superior Court  -  4 elected8405 total votes
Judy Olson - R1599 votes19.02%
Paula Ott - R1533 votes18.24%
Sallie Mundy - R1420 votes16.89%
Temp Smith - R1330 votes15.82%
Kevin Francis McCarthy - D624 votes7.42%
Anne E. Lazarus - D596 votes7.09%
Robert J. Colville - D574 votes6.83%
Teresa Sarmina - D544 votes6.47%
Marakay J. Rogers - L184 votes2.19%
Write In - O1 votes.01%

Judge of the Commonwealth Court  -  2 elected4388 total votes
Patricia A. McCullough - R1602 votes36.51%
Kevin Brobson - R1513 votes34.48%
Linda S. Judson - D684 votes15.59%
Barbara Behrend Ernsberger - D587 votes13.38%
Write In - O2 votes.05%

Judge of the Superior Court - Retention  -  1 elected2032 total votes
Kate Ford Elliott - YES - O1512 votes74.41%
Kate Ford Elliott - NO - O520 votes25.59%
Write In - O0 votes.00%

Judge of the Commonwealth Court - Retention  -  1 elected1990 total votes
Dan Pellegrini - YES - O1362 votes68.44%
Dan Pellegrini - NO - O628 votes31.56%
Write In - O0 votes.00%

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