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2015 Municipal Primary - Republican
Election results were last updated May 20, 2015 at 1:24 AM
12 of 13 Precincts Reporting (92.31 %)
School Board
County Races
Judge of the Court of Common Pleas  -  1 elected1523 total votes
TODD SPONSELLER - R859 votes56.40%
T.R. WILLIAMS - R660 votes43.34%
Write In - O4 votes.26%

County Commissioner  -  2 elected3084 total votes
RODNEY MCCRAY - R673 votes21.82%
STUART ULSH - R564 votes18.29%
PAUL M. JOHNSTON - R516 votes16.73%
JASON W. GORDON - R372 votes12.06%
LYLE M. MELLOTT - R299 votes9.70%
DANIEL M. LEESE - R279 votes9.05%
MICHAEL J. PURNELL - R147 votes4.77%
PATRICK KELSO - R140 votes4.54%
Write In - O94 votes3.05%

Sheriff  -  1 elected1703 total votes
KEITH B. STAINS - R1345 votes78.98%
JOHNNY CROUSE - R318 votes18.67%
Write In - O40 votes2.35%

District Attorney  -  1 elected1506 total votes
TRAVIS L. KENDALL - R1498 votes99.47%
Write In - O8 votes.53%

Treasurer  -  1 elected1567 total votes
MONICA K. SEVILLE - R1562 votes99.68%
Write In - O5 votes.32%

Coroner  -  1 elected1550 total votes
BERLEY L. SOUDERS - R1547 votes99.81%
Write In - O3 votes.19%

Auditor  -  2 elected2394 total votes
REBECCA D. KENDALL - R1162 votes48.54%
PENNY S. KIPP - R644 votes26.90%
SANDRA R. STENGER - R581 votes24.27%
Write In - O7 votes.29%

State Races
Justice of the Supreme Court  -  3 elected2844 total votes
MIKE GEORGE - R798 votes28.06%
ANNE COVEY - R572 votes20.11%
JUDY OLSON - R510 votes17.93%
REBECCA WARREN - R367 votes12.90%
CHERYL ALLEN - R361 votes12.69%
CORREALE STEVENS - R221 votes7.77%
Write In - O15 votes.53%

Judge of the Superior Court  -  1 elected1129 total votes
EMIL GIORDANO - R1120 votes99.20%
Write In - O9 votes.80%

Judge of the Commonwealth Court  -  1 elected1129 total votes
PAUL LALLEY - R1119 votes99.11%
Write In - O10 votes.89%

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