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2015 Municipal Election
Election results were last updated November 3, 2015 at 11:01 PM
13 of 13 Precincts Reporting (100.00 %)
School Board
County Races
Judge of the Court of Common Pleas  -  1 elected2571 total votes
TODD SPONSELLER - DR2554 votes99.34%
Write In - O17 votes.66%

County Commissioner  -  2 elected5757 total votes
STUART ULSH - R1962 votes34.08%
RODNEY MCCRAY - R1783 votes30.97%
LARRY R. LYNCH - D1057 votes18.36%
IRVIN L. DASHER - D934 votes16.22%
Write In - O21 votes.36%

Sheriff  -  1 elected3161 total votes
KEITH B. STAINS - R2587 votes81.84%
SHERRY MEID - D571 votes18.06%
Write In - O3 votes.09%

District Attorney  -  1 elected2732 total votes
TRAVIS L. KENDALL - R2718 votes99.49%
Write In - O14 votes.51%

Treasurer  -  1 elected2907 total votes
MONICA K. SEVILLE - R2898 votes99.69%
Write In - O9 votes.31%

Coroner  -  1 elected2911 total votes
BERLEY L. SOUDERS - R2902 votes99.69%
Write In - O9 votes.31%

Auditor  -  2 elected4882 total votes
REBECCA D. KENDALL - R2355 votes48.24%
PENNY S. KIPP - R1529 votes31.32%
ELLEN R. WAGNER - D965 votes19.77%
Write In - O33 votes.68%

State Races
Justice of the Supreme Court  -  3 elected7442 total votes
JUDY OLSON - R1766 votes23.73%
MIKE GEORGE - R1753 votes23.56%
ANNE COVEY - R1714 votes23.03%
KEVIN M. DOUGHERTY - D716 votes9.62%
CHRISTINE DONOHUE - D689 votes9.26%
DAVID WECHT - D602 votes8.09%
PAUL P. PANEPINTO - I201 votes2.70%
Write In - O1 votes.01%

Judge of the Superior Court  -  1 elected2780 total votes
EMIL GIORDANO - R1919 votes69.03%
ALICE BECK DUBOW - D859 votes30.90%
Write In - O2 votes.07%

Judge of the Commonwealth Court  -  1 elected2767 total votes
PAUL LALLEY - R2073 votes74.92%
MICHAEL WOJCIK - D691 votes24.97%
Write In - O3 votes.11%

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