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2003 Municipal Primary - Democratic
Election results were last updated May 29, 2003 at 12:07 PM
13 of 13 Precincts Reporting (100.00 %)
School Board
County Races
District Attorney  -  1 elected0 total votes
Write In - O0 votes.00%

County Commissioner  -  2 elected1659 total votes
Ellis L. Yingling - D800 votes48.22%
Bonnie Mellott Keefer (Write In) - R345 votes20.80%
Gary K. Decker (Write In) - R342 votes20.61%
Daniel H. Swain, Jr. (Write In) - R90 votes5.42%
Troy M. Miller (Write In) - R82 votes4.94%
Write In - O0 votes.00%

Treasurer  -  1 elected655 total votes
Monica K. Seville (Write In) - R450 votes68.70%
Rebecca D. Kendall (Write In) - R205 votes31.30%
Write In - O0 votes.00%

Sheriff  -  1 elected611 total votes
Bob Ramsey - D611 votes100.00%
Write In - O0 votes.00%
Daryl L. Scott (Write In) - R0 votes.00%
Mark A. Crowder (Write In) - R0 votes.00%
Thurman E. Nesbitt, III (Write In) - R0 votes.00%
Keith B. Stains (Write In) - R0 votes.00%

Auditor  -  2 elected1531 total votes
Phyllis J. Bard - D670 votes43.76%
Connie Cunningham - D493 votes32.20%
James D. Runk - D368 votes24.04%
Write In - O0 votes.00%

Coroner  -  1 elected0 total votes
Write In - O0 votes.00%

Magisterial District Judge 39-4-02  -  1 elected478 total votes
Wendy Richards Mellott - D412 votes86.19%
Jocelyn Diffenderfer - D66 votes13.81%
Write In - O0 votes.00%

State Races
Justice of the Supreme Court  -  1 elected886 total votes
Max Baer - D388 votes43.79%
Cheryl Allen - D300 votes33.86%
John W. Herron - D85 votes9.59%
James Murray Lynn - D71 votes8.01%
James M. Deleon, III - D42 votes4.74%
Write In - O0 votes.00%

Judge of the Superior Court  -  3 elected1698 total votes
John J. Driscoll - D415 votes24.44%
Jack Panella - D358 votes21.08%
Seamus McCaffery - D264 votes15.55%
Claude A. Lord Shields - D247 votes14.55%
Mark I. Bernstein - D170 votes10.01%
William Manfredi - D129 votes7.60%
Robert S. Blasi - D115 votes6.77%
Write In - O0 votes.00%

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